Self-portrait. Rope symbolize maze of thoughts and feeling.
I set fire to his archive portrait.By destroying his portraits, I got over his presence, the memory of him and his influence on my life.
 Self-portrait.  Feeling of shame forced  me not to  talk about him. I tried to forget him.  I tried to hide all my deepest feelings.
Self-portrait.  I tried to close myself from the world
I grew artificial snow crystals in his archive portrait
Self-portrait. I tried to forget and pretend nothing had happened.  I wanted to be invisible.
Self-portrait. I put on a lion mask and I want to protect myself, protect a little five-year-old girl.
 His archive portrait with the rope. I don’t know what he was thinking. I can’t ask him a question, not in this world.
archive photo with his family . It would be unbelievable that a respected person by the family, who had children and had high education could do something indecent with a child.
I poured his archive portrait with lead.
Self-portrait. I open my face. I don’t feel guilty. I’m not afraid of him anymore.